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Creating a simpler, better railway: an update

Our response to the King's Speech

Today, we’ve had a clear statement from government that they are committed to reform and that Great British Railways (GBR) remains the destination.
Given the scale and complexity of the changes, a process called “pre-legislative scrutiny” will help the legislation needed to create GBR to have a swifter passage through Parliament when time allows.
The Secretary of State has asked the leadership of the Department for Transport (DfT), Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) and Network Rail to work together to provide industry leadership until legislation is in place.
As a transition team, our role will now need to evolve from being primarily focused on setting up GBR, to further applying the capability we have built as a whole-system thinker in a way that supports the sector in tackling today’s challenges within the current legal framework.
We’re calling on industry leaders to join us in making whole-railway thinking the new normal and, crucially, to find ways to deploy that thinking in as many areas, as swiftly as possible.
Read the full update from GBRTT Interim Lead Director Rufus Boyd on our website.