photo - Passengers on station platform

Simplifying rail industry rules and processes

Our recommendations to Government

Today, we published 30 recommendations for simplifying rail industry rules and processes.

Regulation and contracts might sound a bit dry. But this web of interlinked rules underpins how the railway works together to carry passengers and goods safely and efficiently around the network.

At their best, they give railway workers the confidence to go about their work in a safe, efficient and customer-focused manner. But at their worst, they introduce frustrating complexities that drive up administrative costs and can divert skilled professionals into meeting the needs of rules or policies, not the needs of customers.

Our recommendations focus on changes that would help the people planning and operating the railway to focus on the needs of customers, as well as giving greater certainty and clarity to the range of different private rail businesses and investors.

We’re grateful to everyone who supported the development of this report – those experts from more than 80 organisations who gave up their time and shared insight. Thank you.

Read more about the report and its recommendations in a blog by Rachel Kelley, Head of Legislation & Policy at GBRTT.